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  1. Disney Infinity: Motion Exploratory

    A motion exploratory for Disney's Infinity video game franchise.

    Client: Disney (
    Agency: Interbrand (
    Creative Direction: Alan Roll
    Post Production: David Hong, Matthias Kaeding, Bobo Dai Do

  2. Solidworks: Brand Video 1.0

    A brand video for the Solidworks rebrand.

    Client: Solidworks (
    Agency: Interbrand (
    Creative Direction: Alan Roll, David Hong
    Production: David Hong
    Post Production: David Hong

  3. Kenneth Cole: Techni-Cole Footwear with 37.5 Technology

    An ad to announce the launch of Kenneth Cole's "Techni-Cole Footwear with 37.5 Technology"

    Client: Kenneth Cole (
    Non Linear Editing: Alan Roll
    3D Modeling and Lighting: David Hong
    3D Animation and Arnold Render: David Hong

  4. Everwell: Brand Video

    An animated brand video introducing Everwell, a new healthcare brand from Aflac.

    Client: Aflac (
    Agency: Interbrand (
    Creative Direction: David Hong
    Character Animation: Alexander Smith
    Post Production: David Hong

  5. Ride Yellow: UX Motion Prototype

    A UX motion prototype demonstrating the user flow for playing music in a bluetooth enabled cab via the Ride Yellow app.

    Client: Ride Yellow (
    Animation: David Hong

  6. Microsoft Cortana: UX Motion Prototype

    Part of a series of UX motion prototypes for Microsoft's AI personality - Cortana. We iterated on a number of ways to have Cortana express herself through motion depending on her state and mood. We also explored ways to allow her to move in 3D space while still maintaining a 2D aesthetic.

    Client: Microsoft (
    Agency: Interbrand (
    Animation: David Hong