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  1. Qualcomm: Motion Design Ecosystem

    A motion design ecosystem developed for Qualcomm's recent rebrand.

    Client: Qualcomm (
    Agency: Interbrand (
    Creative Direction: Jeremy Grimes
    Design: Ronan Tiongson
    Motion Exploratory: David Hong
    Animation: 3rd Ave Machine

  2. Microsoft: Data Visualization

    A short animation detailing a new data visualization system. Because data is everywhere and certain types of data require higher levels of security than others, Microsoft needed a visual system to help align its employees. We landed on using various breeds of dogs to distinguish between the different levels of security - something both employees and managers can easily recall.

    Client: Microsoft (
    Agency: Interbrand (
    Creative Direction: Cavan Huang
    Character Animation: Alexander Smith
    Post Production: David Hong

  3. DXC: Media Wall Animation

    A large scale media wall animation of ambient particles from DXC's visual system to announce their rebrand at their New York Stock Exchange launch event.

    Client: DXC (
    Agency: Siegel+Gale (
    Creative: David Hong
    Animation: David Hong

  4. Disney Infinity: Motion Exploratory

    A motion exploratory for Disney's Infinity video game franchise.

    Client: Disney (
    Agency: Interbrand (
    Creative Direction: Alan Roll
    Post Production: David Hong, Matthias Kaeding, Bobo Dai Do

  5. Solidworks: Brand Video 1.0

    A brand video for the Solidworks rebrand.

    Client: Solidworks (
    Agency: Interbrand (
    Creative Direction: Alan Roll, David Hong
    Production: David Hong
    Post Production: David Hong

  6. Kenneth Cole: Techni-Cole Footwear with 37.5 Technology

    An ad to announce the launch of Kenneth Cole's "Techni-Cole Footwear with 37.5 Technology"

    Client: Kenneth Cole (
    Non Linear Editing: Alan Roll
    3D Modeling and Lighting: David Hong
    3D Animation and Arnold Render: David Hong